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School Holidays are here.

For me that means the camera comes out far more often for my own kids too.  This week was a cracker.  Maisie had a new haircut and I went for the iPhone of course (hey, its in my pocket).  Well of course, that didn’t cut it, so the Canon was employed.  Got some lovely shots of Maisie and then called the boys outside.

Enter chaos.   It went from bad to worse quickly as it can at any session, but that doesn’t mean we don’t achieve good images.

I put these three images together to show that while the chaos is there, and from the parent angle it looks like we aren’t getting much, we always do.  The bonus of the chaos is the amount of personality we get to capture as well.

I’m thinking we might need to get a couple of these up on the wall.


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Spring School Holidays – Mini Sessions

mini session
Who is keen to get out an enjoy the outdoors these school holidays?  I vote for a gorgeous mini session to celebrate the kids this spring

Mini Sessions are available on 3 days over the School holidays and are quick and simple – nothing more than capturing your kids in a natural environment and allowing their true personalities to shine through.  They change so much from year to year – loosing teeth, braces, new glasses,  hair length – these are all the perfect reason to capture this time and not miss it.

The details:

The dates for the Spring Mini Sessions are 26th, 28th and 29th September and we have morning and afternoon sessions available.

  • Our mini sessions will take place in Chapel Hill, Brisbane with a beautiful bushy green backdrop but with space for the kids to be kids.
  • The mini sessions are valid for all siblings in a family – if you have one child or six, they are all included (as well as the 4 legged siblings too)
  • The sessions go for approximately 15-20 minutes.  Quick and easy and done with minimal fuss.
  • Mini Sessions are an all inclusive session – you get the session plus 3 digital images (printable up to 8X12in)  for $250-00.

All you need to do now is BOOK IN NOW

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Family Portrait, Newborn Photography Brisbane

“Take a look down at your baby.”  That’s all that needed to be said.  Nothing more.  No “look at her with love”, or “remember when you first met” – nothing, its all there in your heart.

When two parents take a moment to appreciate what they have created together this precious little life, this gift which fills their hearts with joy, this image is what happens.

The magic, happens.

I pressed the shutter, and made a memory.

Today, was beautiful.  Can not wait to show them more from their session.


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Family Portrait Photography, Brisbane

I have so much to share about this family, and not enough words.

Words that describe the pure joy when a mum looks at their child with that look of pride and love.

Words that do justice to a grandma’s patience, comfort and joy with spending time with her grandchildren.

Words to paint a picture of a dad’s happiness when surrounded by everything he treasures.

Words that are able to show a child’s love for trees and another’s ability to see trolls and another’s pure wonder at the tinest flower.

For these precious moments, I have no words.

Fortunately, I do have photographs.  I was so fortunate to capture these.


Child portrait brisbane

Brisbane Child Photographybaby photography brisbane

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Ramblings about Family photography goodness, Children Photographer, Brisbane

Forgive my ramblings on children and photography location today, but its been a while between posts.

Some days I stumble upon a location for a great family photography session quite by accident.  Sometimes, one of my clients has a specific spot we like to photograph at, sentimental reasons usually come into play.  The family have spent time there all together growing up, for example.  Sometimes, I see a location, and think, I’ll have to remember this spot for the future.  Lots of different things come into play when it comes to a location for a photography session.

This particular photography location I have run past at least once a week for the past 5 years, and not once have I thought to suggest it, until now.  I love running through the bush behind our place at Chapel Hill.  Nothing clears my head more than some time spent in the quiet surrounded by trees, the cockatoos and the occasional galah (I am referring to the birds btw). I do find some great locations at times, but there is usually a trade off of some sort.    Access is bad, or its busy with people all the time etc.  Not here, no trade offs to be had.  Just beautiful light, a beautiful backdrop (looking out towards Ipswich) and plenty of different spots to play with and get some beautiful images.


These boys were such a gem to photograph.  Personality for me in front of the lens doesn’t necessarily mean the joker is always centre of attention.  So different in their ways, yet so connected.  One the quiet type, happy to watch on and stay quiet.  Whereas the other, ready to be front and centre, just ask the question and he is there. Sometimes its difficult to see, until you make the time to stop and look.   I’m so glad we did, and I’m so glad we found this location too.  A combination of beautiful styling (nice work mum), great family and a fantastic location pulling out all the stops.

Everyone kicks a goal 🙂

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