Vinnie’s Journey

Vinnie’s Journey

I’d like to tell you a story, about how I met Vinnie.

Those who know me, know last year was my worst year yet. I went through a life changing, life and death event, a Brain Aneurysm Haemorrhage which stopped me in my tracks for six months. And while life will never be the same for me again, I’m back to doing what I love, photographing families, and I reckon I’m doing it well.

One of my first photography sessions back was one that has stayed with me. It’s made me think about life’s ups and downs. And as long as we are here, fighting for our best life and making the most of every day, we’ll be ok.

Meeting Cressida and the Family

For some back story, six years ago now I photographed Cressida, Vinnie’s big sister. We had her family newborn session at home. The whole family, grandparents and all were all there. It was a beautiful morning, and like most of my clients, Myf and Elliott became my friends.

Fast forward to early 2021, little did I know but a little man entered their life called Vincent. Two months later, I was hospitalised following my haemorrhage and had a long recovery ahead of me. Myf contacted me to photograph Vinnie when he was about six months, but at the same time, she knew I had my own challenges to face. I’d decided I’d be back photographing in September, and Myf was prepared to wait. How lucky am I to have clients like these.

Our Session

Vinnie was near the start of his treatment when I photographed him. He had one hell of a fight ahead of him, but upon meeting this little guy, to look in his eyes he was just a regular 10 month old baby, with a tube. He had a big sister who didn’t really understand what was going on and a mum and dad who felt like life hadn’t just thrown them a curveball, it was an avalanche. Their whole world was imploding.

Here we are in June 2022, and Vinnie is nearing the end of his treatment. He will have had 14 rounds of treatment next month and will need monitoring going forward. I have no doubt this past 10 months have been the longest and hardest slog of Myf and Elliott’s life. But Vinnie’s little smiling face continues to make his family happy as he continues to grow and change.


Stage 4, Neuroblastoma

As it turns out, Vinnie’s session was more important than we ever thought. In August 2021 Vinnie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer, yes at the tender age of seven months old.

It was after we’d started the booking process that I found out about Vinnie’s cancer diagnosis. Myf asked me about his nasogastric tube and how it would photograph. I felt my gut drop. I realised just how important this session was going to be. I would need to put everything that was going on for me aside and step up to the challenge.

Myf knew I had a brain injury, she had no idea what condition I was in, if I’d have any neurological or physical deficit, or if I was able to do my job at all. She knew I’d find it a hard session emotionally, but trusted that I was ok, and if I couldn’t do it, I would let her know. Like I said, how lucky am I? I agreed to the session with no doubt that I would not just do the session, but it would be everything Myf and Elliott wanted.

The Queensland Children’s Hospital Foundation

Myf, Elliott, Cressida and Vinnie have all been taken care of throughout Vinnie’s diagnosis and treatment by the QLD Children’s Hospital Foundation and now Myf is bravely finding the energy to run the Bridge to Brisbane in August to raise money for the foundation.

If you can donate anything at all, please support Myf and the foundation here for her run –

Neuroblastoma Ninjas

I want to do my bit and support Myf and Vinnie and the family as much as I can. For every family session booked until 15th August I will donate $250. So if you were thinking of doing a session this year, now is the time to book it in and help the Neuroblastoma Ninjas make a difference.

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