Thanks for stopping by my space.

I like to think of my space as being rich in beautiful colour, yet with emotive black and whites.

It's also filled with laughter, happy faces, contemplative expression and emotions aplenty.

It is fun, has the feels, and makes you catch your breath in your throat.

Interestingly, that is what me and my camera sees.  I may create beautifully imagery from this - but that's what is right in front of me.  Its there every day, in your family, its just a matter of turning it into beautiful imagery. And this is my super power.  Taking those beautiful moments, and turning them into pieces of art that your family will treasure for generations to come.

I am an accredited professional photographer with the AIPP, based in Brisbane.  I photograph families and people throughout South East Queensland and beyond. 

I could tell you about how amazing I am as a photographer but that is what my About Me page is for.  

Simply know this.

I want to capture all you value in your family - love, connection and value.  I then will honour that capture with beautiful prints for you to cherish for generations to come.  

Book a session with me today to capture the amazing that it is. Call me on 0422136993 to join my LCP family.