Lynda Coulson Photography

Welcome to the home of Lynda Coulson Photography, your family photography specialist. I am an accredited professional photographer with the AIPP, based in Brisbane and photograph families throughout South East Queensland.

One thing you can count on is that families are ever changing and they come in all shapes and sizes.

If you are expecting your first baby or your third.

If you have little creative souls who still love playing in the mud, drawing epic crayon masterpieces and dancing in fairy dresses.

If you are entrenched in Saturday sport and piano lessons.

If you are preparing for school formals and moving toward adulthood.

If you are preparing for a small intimate wedding or the wedding party of the century.

If you have a big crazy family and you don’t get in one place very often.

Wherever we are now, we all need to understand, it won’t be there forever.

Life is going to change.

Lets capture it all beautifully to remember these amazing times for years to come.

I could tell you about how fabulous I am as a family photographer, but that is what About Me page is for. Simply know, that my aim is to meet, connect with, and capture families, in all shapes and sizes. To understand what makes your family unique, and capture images which reflect that.

Book a session with me today to capture the amazing of today and keep it for years to come.

Call me on 0422136993 to book a session and join the LCP Family.