Why Family Portraits are so important

Why Family Portraits are so important to us

Have you ever considered the Value of Photography in our lives and how it shapes us?

Photography is so many things, it is creative, its an art form, but for portraiture, its a sense of belonging. It is grounding us in who we are as a person.

What is it about family photography, that makes you value it and book a photography session? What does it do? What’s is the purpose of capturing us and our families?

It is for some a sense of place, of belonging. We were fortunate enough to have our family photographed last year and can I say, it was an amazing experience and one I will repeat regularly. The photographer in question was of course brilliant, however it was so much more than that. It was the way my 10 year old secretly took a couple of my proofs and put them up in his room. The photos he chose to take were him, surrounded by his family, one of him with me and one of him with his dad. Being on the receiving end of such an amazing thing as photographs of my family I had never seen this side in such detail. I had not seen how much this meant to my family until right then. I bought him a little set of frames and set them up for him, and its something I see him look at regularly. He belongs. He is a part of this crazy group of people and their dog and its incredibly important to him to know that.

This sense of belonging, of understanding who we are and where we come from, what we belong to, it is instinctive.

People talk about what is the one thing they would retrieve from their burning down house and the most important thing are their family photographs. Their documentation of who they are. It is at this most stressful, fight or flight time, that we decide on what is important. We can replace everything else in our home. If our family is safe all we need is our photographs, and we can go out and get the rest back from somewhere. We can’t do that with photographs.

I have a client that I photograph regularly. Their family is growing fast, and I have been fortunate to be the one chosen to document their growth and their changes. Every conversation we have when its time to book in another session, is how important these photographs are, and we are not talking about the current session, we are talking about the session before, and the session before that. The ones where her babies are so much smaller than they are now and she longs to wind back the clock.

That sense of belonging is so important, I aim to capture that for each of my families first and foremost.

What will I capture for your family? Let’s book your session Now and find out!

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    When people look at my pictures, I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.


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