Week 1, Photograph the everyday, every day.

Week 1

The new year is here.  For some of us, relief that 2016 is done and dusted.  For others, anxiously waiting to see what 2017 has in stall for them.

These school holidays have been relatively quiet.  Not much in the way of excitement, just holidays at home.  For me, I was so excited to have this time.  It was/is a much needed stay-cation, full of lazy days and relaxation by the pool.

The kids lives are so full on during the school year – sports, music, homework – to have some time to tell me how bored they are, is exactly what the doctor ordered.

It also gives you time to reflect on what is important, what we can let go of, what is holding us back.  Reflection for me, is key to finding that happy place of balance.

So as the new year rolls around, that reflection turns to motivation.  Lets make 2017 greater than 2016.  Lets improve on last year, on last year’s self.  Be a better version in 2017.  Part of that for me was capturing more of what was around me so here goes – the photo of the day challenge.  I’ve started it before, and set limits and rules and some serious restrictions to make it more challenging.  But, life gets in the way and I think last time I lasted about 5 days.  Well here I am on day 8, and I’m feeling pretty chuffed I got here.

Here is week 1 of the challenge, so please look out for week 2 next week.  And if I don’t post it, well lets not mention it.  After all I never set time frames on this one – I’ve lasted 3 days more than last time, so there you go, 2017 is already better than 2016. As one my favourite Friends character’s once said, “in your face last year me”.


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