What to wear, The Family Portrait Wardrobe, Brisbane

Once we have booked in for a family session, the biggest question I get asked next is “what are we going to wear?”  Its hard enough working out one outfit, but coordinating 4 or 5 is complex, and then throw in a 3 year old who will only wear a swirly skirt, an 8 year old who wants to wear his favourite Star Wars shirt and then a teenager who has decided this week she’s going to be a goth.  No doubt your eyes may be twitching just at the thought.

Never fear, its not going to send your blood pressure through the roof, this is a fun process and I’ll try to give you as many of the tools as I have to offer, to make sure it stays that way.

Firstly, lets assume that mum’s or dad’s word is the reigning power (we can only hope right). We start by selecting a colour.  Perhaps mum has a favourite red dress, or dad’s favourite shirt that reminds him of the recent family holiday is blue.  Perhaps its the 5 year old who was given a dress from grandma that you would love to see her in.  Start there, and then build the family portrait wardrobe.  Say the colour is blue, even better than that, teal like the gorgeous family below.  From here we can do denim jeans, we can do, beige chinos, we can do a maroon shirt, we can do black and white and all the shades of grey in between.  It all works.

Family-portrait-brisbane-cityAnother idea – mums favourite dress is mustard yellow!! Guess what, that goes with maroon, and blue, and white and black and all the shades of grey too.

The big thing, is building the family portrait before it takes place.

Once you have an idea of what everyone is going to wear, throw it all on the bed.  Lay out the clothes beside each other on a white sheet and see how they look together. You can pull pieces out and add bits from here.

family-cuddles-portrait-brisbaneOn an individual level, Everyone has to be comfortable.  There is nothing worse than knowing you are going to be up on your wall in these clothes and your 9 year old boy is pulling at his collar throughout the session, or the 1 year comes out in a rash from her skirt frill.  This goes for mum and dad too.  You need to be comfortable and you need to ensure you love what you are wearing.  I strongly recommend a small sleeve for us women.  It doesn’t matter how good your guns are, we tend to judge images of ourselves the hardest of all.
Most importantly, dress as yourselves.  These girls below, are bright and vivacious personalities – why would they dress any other way.  After all, we’d then miss all that blue magic – matching the sky – who does that.




This is about capturing your family at this point in your life and celebrating this time. That means as you are now.

Its a beautiful life, lets go capture it.


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