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family photography brisbane with petsIts always such a pleasure when my family portrait clients return to capture their changing family to add to their walls.

You arrive at the session and the questions start.  “Has it really been that long?”  “Wow, how old are you now?” (I aim that one at the kids, not the mums its ok).  Or, “Wow, I’m loving your hair.”

People change, we get older, our clothes change, our hair changes, our interests change, but we don’t change within ourselves.  I find it fascinating comparing one session to another.  As I remember, one child was particularly hard to get to relax last time, and that hasn’t changed.  This isn’t a good or bad thing, just a little insight into his protective little personality.  All that has changed, is that I knew it before the session, it instantly came back to me the moment we starting taking some individual portraits of him.

I took some time to ensure we captured a different session today, and it wasn’t hard, location was different, time of year was different.    The people are different, but underneath, the reasons they are who they are are still there and remain unchanged.  That is what makes me smile when I go through the images creating a beautiful gallery of images for them.  I see reflections of smiles from a couple of years ago, looks, expressions, conversations.  I see the energy they have and what I see more than that is the energy they have for each other.

When you capture that energy, that is magic.

Enough of my ramblings, this beautiful family is who inspired my words today.  If I can feel all that, I can’t imagine how mum feels, her heart must explode with pride.

I can’t wait to show you more, and boy are there more.


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    When people look at my pictures, I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.


    Robert Frank