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The face behind the camera

Over 12 years ago I made the decision that I wanted my career to work around my children. I wanted to do something creative, where I could get outside and meet people and not be chained to a desk.


Fast forward to now, and I got some of those things right when I chose Photography as a career. Little did I know how much time I spent at a computer as a photographer. I do get to spend time outdoors with some of the nicest families. I'm definitely using the creative in me, and, well lets just say working from home has had its challenges, as well as its benefits. One thing is for sure, I have been so fortunate over the past 10 years as a family photographer to meet some amazing families. Some that have become my friends, some that have come back year after year. And I'm so thankful for the trust they put in me, to capture their family memories.


Outside of photography, I drink a lot of coffee, I run, a lot (it helps me keep up with your kids on our family sessions) I love summer days spent with my feet in the pool and winter nights enjoying my latest comforting soup creation.


I would dearly love to capture your family memories. Let's get in touch.


I'm a little obsessed with travelling too. Its constantly on my mind and how I could potentially get another trip in to somewhere exotic or even just up the coast. Italy is the home of my belly, whereas the streets of New York set my soul on fire. I am yet to adventure to many corners of the globe, but I'm going to get there one day. My other passion is for printed photographs, so as a little side project of my own, I have some custom printed images available for purchase on my shop. Link below - enjoy!



Chapel Hill, QLD 4069.





When people look at my pictures, I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.


Robert Frank